Happily Ever After

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Finding the perfect wedding dress can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Our Bespoke Bridal Service is the solution. We will custom design and fit your wedding dress or dresses for your wedding party. Each design is made-to-order, with fabrics and colours sourced according to your taste.

Chica-Loca says “I do” to a Bridal Collection

Wearing a Chica-Loca! dress makes you ooze elegance and confidence effortlessly – even on your big day. We’ve also noticed a demand for affordable, modern bridesmaids’ dresses that complement the bride’s beauty on her special day. We also believe that a bridesmaid dress should not be not disposable. That’s why we design with timeless elegance in mind, meaning that every dress in our bridesmaid range is classic and re-wearable.

Bridal Collection


And so, say hello to the Chica-Loca! Bridal Collection – It’s a range that’s all about getting your glow on. The collection is sleek and simple, luxurious and dreamy. Benita wanted this collection to feel like a day spent in glorious sunshine – romantic, but with a bit of a cheeky edge. One look at her bridal collections and suddenly “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” seems like a wonderful idea.

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Bridal Collection